What you need to know

The interviewer

So what is the interviewer looking for?

Interviews can be seen as a major obstacle for many job applicants. Although you may have the qualifications, experience and a proven track record, you may lose out to a candidate who interviews better.

In order to interview well you need to be well prepared and confident. You need to be able to can answer questions in a way which is acceptable to the interviewer, to know something about your potential employers business and the post you hope to fill.

CONCERN FOR SUCCESS A desire to be successful in everything you do.

ORGANISATION The ability to plan and be in control.

CUSTOMER SERVICE Adding value to the customer

PERSUASION & COMMUNICATION Able to influence others at all levels.

TEAMWORK Able to get the most from the team you work in.

MOTIVATION & PERSEVERANCE Able to set personal goals & able to keep going when times are tough.

FOCUS Establish what is important and provide the appropriate solutions.

Use past examples that demonstrate the behaviour.
  • For every key skill above you prepare at least two examples from your experience that demonstrate you posses the skill.
  • If you can support these examples using hard copy evidence i.e. sales figures, letters of praise from your managers etc then the more the better.
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