What you need to know

The Golden Rules

Most of these are common sense but you never know what can happen when you are in an interview!


  • Prepare your examples based on key skills, support them by using hard copies in a file if possible. Actually conduct a role play before the day of your interview with someone asking you questions, this well help you to practice answering tough questions on the spot.
  • Know as much about the company, products and your future role as possible. There are a variety of ways to research including; the Internet (many companies now have their own sites), Library (books, periodicals, magazines etc.), Literature from company’s public relations department, Annual reports etc.
  • Keep on file an interview folder to bring with you on interviews. It should contain: a few CV’s in a plastic sleeve, some reminders for yourself about your skills and your goals, and a pen and some paper to make notes before and after the interview.
  • Bring to the interview: your interview folder, the names of the people you are meeting and the address with directions.
  • Have POSITIVE BODY LANGUAGE (i.e. sit upright, slightly forward in the chair and unfold arms).
  • Speak POSITIVELY at every opportunity.
  • Be ENTHUSIASTIC, many interviewers will recruit on enthusiasm over existing skills/ experience.
  • Find out where the interview actually is and get there early to settle your nerves. You want to arrive a little bit early, not just on time and never late.
  • Look professional i.e. conservative suit and clean shoes. If you can’t be bothered with your own appearance then there is a good chance they will not be bothered with you.
  • CLOSE the interviewer at the end, they are sales people and will be waiting for it! Ask them in a nice way for some feedback and if you need to clarify any aspect of the interview.


  • Waffle, a key skill is the need to be focused, preparation will help with this
  • Speak negatively of your previous company / manager or negativity in general
  • Be Egotistical, Arrogant or Rude
  • Be over-friendly and drop your guard too low
  • Be Late
  • Be dishonest
  • Be Unprepared or unenthusiastic
  • Have Unrealistic Goals or Expectations
  • Start negotiating package on first or second interview. If asked, give a ball park figure but wait for the offer of the job to be made before negotiating exact money.
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