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A Note from the Goldstar Team about Covid-19

Morning guys.

Some of you have done some work for us, some haven’t but we wanted to reach out to all of you at this difficult time as Covid-19 takes further hold of our sector and takes working hours away. As we all know, hospitality has been hit hard but where there is a downfall, there is always be an uplift. During these difficult times, think about where that uplift may be and re-think where you can pick up work.

95% of our Chefs work through us on PAYE, which is hard enough but I know freelancers are feeling the pinch even more. As a leading agency in Oxford and London, we keep an eye on the market daily and we wanted to share with you all some new developments that have come about over the last few days, which could help you;

The new government grant, announced yesterday (17/3/20)

Our chancellor announced a grant of £25,000 to all hospitality companies to cover wages and a
downfall in trade. The details haven’t been fully announced yet but we would advise you speak to your accountant to see if you qualify.

Business rates kick back

The chancellor announced that all business rates are now frozen for 12 months. Where a company is too small to qualify to pay for business rates, you qualify for a £10,000 kick back. Again, we don’t have the full details as of yet but if you are a LTD company, speak to your accountant to see if you qualify.

Private Cheffing

People are not going out as much and when all restaurants, hotels, pubs etc are forced to close, we won’t be able to eat out for a certain period of time. If you have done any private dining before, for those with a little more cash than the rest of us, now is the time to put the call in to see what their plans are when they have nowhere to go. A few of our chefs have already pencilled in a few days a week, every week when this happens, so if you have any contacts like that, see what their plans will be.

Alternative work outside of hospitality

Hospitality staff are seen as hard working professionals that have to work in difficult conditions.People outside of our sector know the hours are inconvenient too but you all soldier on! Companies such as Amazon, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and all main supermarkets, Hello Fresh (and similar) are all crying out for staff on a flexible basis to help cope with the uprise in business. We do not work outside of the hospitality sectors but there are a lot of agencies that have the contracts for these guys. If you would consider stepping out of the kitchen for a few weeks, these agencies can easily be found online.

Overall guys, the next few weeks are going to be hard. Work levels will dry up but we will get
through this and there are alternative options and support. When this virus slows down and things re-open as normal, you will see the market go ‘Boom’ more so than ever. People will want to be out as much as possible, making up for lost time. People from the UK will stay in the UK to holiday and we will recover very quickly, coming back stronger than ever!

As things quieten down for us, we will make ourselves available for anyone that has any questions, whether you have worked for us, or not. We are in this together.

Our Founder and Director, Lee Morris, will personally speak to anyone that wants to see how the market is changing, or just call up for a general chat.

You can reach him on 01993 225 075 – choose option 3 (accounts)
Stay strong everyone and keep up the good work.

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